Excited to announce my latest book: Theo and Sprout: A Journey of Growth

Sprout is here to help. Theo is not so sure. He’s not even sure where she came from or who she is. Is she a dream? Is she an hallucination? Whatever she is, Sprout is intent on staying. Theo must now grapple with her existence and her motivations.

Thus one Spring morning the adventures of Theo and Sprout begin.

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Theo and Sprout releases May 21, 2022. Order Kindle and Paperback here.

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Theo and Sprout by Joseph Gergen is an extraordinary book that will make you think–will turn life as you’ve always thought about it upside down.  Undressing gender stereotypes in favor of finding what one truly wants and needs is the theme in this timely Young Adult book. 

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Methane Wars. It’s not just the cows. See what transpires when the government’s desire to do good meets with logical and ideological extremes.

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