More Meanderings on the Collective Unconscious and Inner Work

Right below the surface of “Theo and Spout,” a seemingly simple gender-bending coming of age story, lies an exercise in Inner Work and the Shadow. While Theo is just Theo, Sprout is clearly or not so clearly many things. On the surface she is his spirit guide, there to help him through adolescence, give him […]

Self-Discovery and The Collective Unconscious

In “Theo and Sprout” Theo is on a journey of self-discovery. He has the good fortune of being guided on that journey by Sprout, his usually helpful inner self. They learn together to navigate adolescence. But why is Sprout a good guide? What does she bring to the table that is so helpful? Well, we […]

Without Doubt 2

After my recent piece about not having doubt, I sensed there was some idea that my not having doubt meant I have it all figured out. Which is not an unfair reaction and may have rankled some folks. That was certainly not my intention (the road to hell is littered with good intentions, as they […]


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