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A world without pangs of conscience. Dinn’s mind is frazzled and frayed. He needs relief but refuses to take medication to solve his problem. Wanting to bring relief but only opening Pandora’s Box when a solution comes in an unexpected manner, a contraption designed by his engineer friend Seamus, Dinn is elated. But when word of the contraption gets out to their mutual friend Dorian, Dinn and Dorian explore widely different views on what it is they need relief from. Follow Dinn and Dorian as they grapple with opposing ideas on personal morality, societal expectations and the choices they are forced to make, while the solution they are wrestling with takes on a life of its own.

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Methane Wars. It’s not just the cows. See what transpires when the government’s desire to do good meets with logical and ideological extremes.

If collecting methane from bovines is good, then even more collection is better.

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The story is set up when Lear chooses the Fool, the child of Lear’s now deceased and beloved steward, to be the court fool. The Fool, who has been sent to study abroad with Edgar and Edmund and has absorbed as much knowledge as he could get his hands on, determines that the wonderful gift of existing in this world of power cannot be squandered. He believes he can influence the fates of those around him and that of his country even though he holds no power of his own whatsoever. Thus begins the machinations of the powers behind the power.

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