Theo and Sprout is Live

My new book, “Theo and Sprout” was released yesterday. How exciting. Thanks to everyone who helped out. Also thanks to anyone reading this at all.

Now I have to figure out how to market a gender bending, Jungian, young adult, imaginary friend coming of age story. Thinking I’ll need some luck with that.

At least I’ll have the characters in the story urging me along. I chuckle and think that Theo and Sprout have come to life better than I have. Ha!

I tell people Sprout is the guidance I not only never had as a teenager but perhaps the guidance I still need today. Maybe Sprout is now MY imaginary friend. We’ll see if she can guide me along.

Well, now back to marketing. Hopefully Sprout can be your imaginary friend too. You’ll like her. She’s mostly nice.

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