The Shadow Knows

When you inadvertently use Jungian shadow work to create one of your main characters, you begin to understand why writing the first daft of each chapter was exhausting. That’s what happened in Theo and Sprout.

Sprout, basically Theo’s Anima, came to life from deep inside me. which is not surprising since the concept of her came form a dream. Each chapter had a theme based on the Jungian ideas of feminine and masculine. Because Sprout is Theo’s Anima, most of themes were on the feminine side.

But opening the door to each of those theme’s was opening Door #3. I had no idea what was behind it. Once inside the door, Sprout took control. She was relentless and merciless. She wouldn’t let go until there was release.

Walking through that world with her was exhausting. I would stand up from a session, and if not physically beathing hard, I was emotionally out of breath. I would have to go for a walk to cool down and regroup.

I think that is why I want people to read Theo and Sprout, not because it will make me famous or rich, but because I want others in some small way to feel what that shadow work journey was like.

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