The Universe has Some Tricks Up Her Sleeve

The other day I sent a text to an old coworker I hadn’t contacted in some time to let her know I had a new book out. She texted back and said, hey that’s cool. I had worked with her when I was travelling to Charlotte, NC years ago.

Right after that I stopped at local independent used book store that I frequent. I like to support them by buying books there, but I also donate books for them to sell.

About a year ago I purged a bunch of books to de-clutter the house, and gave them like 5 boxes of books. So I was there looking through the horror section, which I normally would never do but someone had mentioned Stephen King novel I should read and was looking to see if it was there.

I noticed on the horror shelves a book I recognized as possibly one I had donated, though I guess I wouldn’t have categorized it as horror, though what it should be categorized as I don’t know.

Anyway, I pulled it off the shelf. It was just a basic paper back so could have come from anywhere. Then I noticed a piece of paper someone had probably used as a book mark. I pulled it out because it’s always interesting to see what personal items people have left in books.

It was folded up. Looked like a boarding pass. In fact it was a boarding pass. In fact it was my boarding pass, a boarding pass for a flight to Charlotte where I would have met with my old coworker.

Now that is the universe playing some tricks on you.

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