Theo and Sprout for Audiobook Lovers

Some people love their audiobooks. You can listen to them on a long ride, on a long walk, working out, or chilling out.

Audiobooks take me back to childhood and the joy of someone reading a story. In fact the joy of having some one read me a story has never gone away. In fact of the few things I an remember, I remember many times in childhood and beyond where someone read a story.

From the Sixth Grade when Mr. Medalen read us “The Rats of Nihm,” to high school when an older cousin read us science fiction stories when we visited him, to college when one college professor would read passages form classic literature, to the last time I saw David Sedaris, who basically just stood at a podium and read from his book and it was wonderful.

Makes me think of the oral tradition so many cultures have and had. Though my memory deficient brain can’t comprehend how any one could remember so much. But thank goodness someone could. Also reminds me of “Fahrenheit 451” where people memorized whole books to reserve them.

That’s why I was so excited when my friend Mark helped create an audiobook of “Theo and Sprout” for me. It was a lot of work and I am supremely grateful. So if you’re an audiobook lover, check out the audiobook for “Theo and Sprout.”

Here are some links to explore availability.

-First is a link to Youtube where you can listen to first chapter, for free of course

-Audiobook on Amazon/Audible

-On Barnes and Noble

-On Chirp Audiobooks

On Rakuten Kobo

-On Scribd

-On Storytel

On GooglePlay

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