Alchemical Inspiration

My friend Alchemy

Meet Alchemy.

I made her for the local arts organization’s fall fundraiser, which is an interesting affair that allow entries that are 10x10x10 or less.

But inspiration for the names and choices came from a book I am reading called “Indra’s Net,” a book someone recommended that looks at Jungian psychology through the lens of alchemy and chaos theory (fun read, though honestly might be a bit above my head).

Most people (including myself) often think of alchemy as turning lead into gold type of stuff, which in some cases it was. But now that I have read this book and am an expert, I begin to slowly grasp that alchemy was (is) about transformation of many things, your self being among the primary targets.

So my friend Alchemy has a few references to that. The gold leaf obviously plays on the theme of transforming lead to gold, but also the butterflies hearken the metamorphosizing form chrysalis to butterfly.

Pretty deep stuff, I know. Either way a fun project.

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