To GenX with Love

Random Image to Convey Sense of GenX Zeitgeist.

While I often refer to “Theo and Sprout” as a young adult story, and it certainly is, it’s also a coming of age story. And people of all ages can enjoy a coming of age story.

I’m a  GenXer, which is only important in the context of what I am about to say. I suppose I shouldn’t find it surprising but some of the best responses to the book have come from fellow GenXers. The story is not overly time-period specific though obviously takes place in the past. So I figure the GenX Zeitgeist must come through in some way. Someone more objective than me might be able to figure out what those traits are. I cannot see it clearly from inside the process.

I suppose who I am as a GenXer is embedded IN the book even though that was not a conscious decision. I believe the experience is more universal. The theme of identity searching is certainly timeless. But if the GenX Zeitgeist speak especially to my GenX brethren, I am happy for that.

I don’t really have any wise insight on GenXers to pass on. Only that perhaps if you are a GenXer, you might enjoy “Theo and Sprout.”

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