It’s the Balance, Silly Bear

Find the Balance

One of the underlying themes in my book “Theo and Sprout” is about finding your feminine side, or embracing the archetypal traits of the Divine Feminine, in a Western world that focuses so much on the masculine, or on the archetypical traits of the Divine Masculine.

This often gets referred to as toxic masculinity, which often leaves a feeling that these masculine traits are bad. But it’s not that these traits are inherently bad, but that they are not balanced by the feminine traits. It’s the balance, silly bear.

But how do we find balance in a world that tells us we need to compete, win, dominate, control at almost any cost? I wonder that some people even know that this is out of balance. How would they know any better? This is just normal, right?

But they need to know there is a need for balance. And they need to now what that is. They need to know the balancing force to all this domination is found in the feminine archetype. And they need to know it’s okay to search for it.

And that’s why Sprout is here for Theo. She’s here to show him those feminine traits, to encourage him to exhibit those behaviors, to not be ashamed of them, to not back down. She’s the guide to balance that so many of us need. Sprout wants to open the door to the balancing power of the divine feminine.

That’s why “Theo and Sprout” is more than just a good gender-bendy, coming of age story. It’s a guide to balance.  Sprout doesn’t just want Theo to walk through that door. She wants us all to walk through that door.

Maybe it’s time to take that journey with Sprout.

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