Adventures in the 3rd Person – Beginning

So, writing in the 3rd person. How hard can this be? I can handle this. I have a plot or at least the seed of a plot. Or maybe it’s just a theme. I’m not sure. But let’s not get too technical. Let’s just call it an idea.

So I have an idea. I mean, that’s where everything starts, right, so nothing special in that. But for me, I usually write in the first person and so most of my ideas center around that person so they have identity that I can work with to drive the story.

But what I have is a theme. And yes, there will obviously be characters but I don’t know who they are, and that’s unnerving. But besides the cool theme idea, the point of this endeavor is precisely to go something place new. So I guess the unnerving is part of the plan as well and means I am on track.

It’s not like I don’t know what 3rd person is like. How many books have I read in 3rd person let me count the volumes. There are so many new possibilities in crafting in the 3rd person I am overwhelmed. I don’t know where to start. I suppose there is no one way and that’s good. I don’t want to follow a formula.

I am just so used to writing in the first person where I create character and then do my best Jerry Springer by throwing her at situations. How you going to deal with that? Huh? And then we are off.

I mean,  I guess I could start by defining the character and let that drive but I want to break out of that (the why of wanting break out of that is a whole other conversation that is just as fuzzy at the moment).

 I keep thinking I should delve into the theme and blow that out. I suppose that would help define the point of the story, the goal. But then I justify not blowing that out by thinking I want that to organically come together (or perhaps not). So I keep waffling on that and keep thinking about narration.

The range and diversity of different narrative styles again overwhelms me. I’ve done some research pondered on some of the books I have read where I have liked the style. I’ve done a few writing exercises where I try to emulate examples I like. Good practice but not opening any doors yet.

Gads, this is becoming terribly boring for you I am sure. I guess the whole point here is the chicken and the egg thing. The options of where to start are endless. I only know I want to start somewhere new.

Perhaps I need to be willing to start and not be afraid to start again if it doesn’t work. I suppose that’s both an epiphany and a escape hatch.

Stay tuned. I am sure this will get more exciting.

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